Building homes with hemp - Lunasa 2021

Building homes with hemp

Presenter: Jo Say

In this presentation, I will inform your audience about:

-How to actually build with hemp (the most popular methods)
-Legislative / building code issues affecting its use (briefly)
-Why hemp is literally the healthiest most sustainable building material
-All of hemp construction’s amazing sustainable features
-The existing/currently being built hemp homes in NZ
-Why building with hemp is superior to straw bale, earthship, rammed earth or any other form of ‘alternative’ building material.

Additionally, as part of this presentation workshop I will address

-NZ’s leaky home crisis and the appalling quality of NZs housing stock
-The impact of the construction industry (globally and locally) on the climate crisis we face
-NZ government’s commitment to NZ new homes being carbon zero by 2030 – and how we are actually going to get there
-The impact on whanau’s health of living in cold damp homes.
-The toxic materials that most homes are built from and the impact on whanau’s health
-The global hempcrete construction industry and how NZ fits in.

I will be happy to answer QandAs.

I will also bring a demonstration a sample of hempcrete demo block material.

Presenter Bio:

Jo Say established the Hemp Building Association of New Zealand in 2020.

She worked as a teacher for sixteen years (Drama) in the UK and NZ. She is now a Transformational Love Coach. She will be building her own home from hemp, in Nelson, in the coming year. She has previously presented at Evolve festival, Nelson Arts Festival (Pecha Kucha) and various sustainable building expos.


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