Breathing - The Buteyko Perspective - Lunasa 2021

Breathing – The Buteyko Perspective

Presenter: Nicky Mcleod

This fascinating workshop of relevance to anyone who breathes, after all you can’t opt out of breathing – you can do it well or you can do it poorly. It is of particular relevance to those with breathing related conditions – asthma, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnoea, nasal congestion, chronic cough/throat clearing, anxiety, migraine, hypertension and impaired sporting or speaking performance.
• Uncover any misconceptions you have about breathing and bust some common breathing myths.
• Discover why breathing dysfunction is so prevalent in the 21st century.
• Learn the signs and symptoms of a poor breathing pattern and the parameters of a functional baseline breathing pattern.
• Understand the biochemistry of breathing and the importance of minute volume.
• Explore the science of breathing including the significance of carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and the Bohr Effect.
• See how breathing influences craniofacial development.
• Discover the link between over-breathing and a number of common health conditions including asthma, hay fever, nasal congestion, snoring, sleep apnoea, chronic cough and anxiety.
• Learn how to measure your own breathing health and how to unblock your nose.

Presenter Bio:

I am a Breathing Educator/Buteyko Practitioner and a member of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing Health, an organisation known for its rigorous training standards. After training with Glenn White of The Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Auckland I set up The Breathing Clinic in Nelson and I am one of only a small number of full-time Buteyko specialists in New Zealand. The Breathing Clinic offers breathing assessments using capnography and breathing retraining courses for adults and for children.

In order to raise awareness of the availability, relevance and efficacy of Breathing Retraining I give regular public talks and also workshops for health professionals. Recent workshops include those for physiotherapists at the Nelson Hospital, chiropractors in the top of the South Island and various dental practices. In March I am presenting a workshop in Wellington for Pilates and yoga teachers and I am currently organising PD for GPs in the Nelson region.
When I began my practitioner training I tried to convince my teacher that I didn’t need to do the breathing course for my own health. I regularly practised yoga and meditation and I believed I was a great breather. You could not see or hear me breathing. However, I had epilepsy which had come on after the birth of my first child and I was an undiagnosed chronic hidden hyperventilator and had been for many years. The effects of this on my health and my sleep were more far-ranging than I could ever have imagined. The speed with which my health and life improved once I started the course was extraordinary – more than a 50% reduction in breathing related symptoms within the first week and that was just the beginning.
I believe that every town should have access to the simple and powerful knowledge that comes with a breathing retraining course and my goals are to convey this life-changing information to as many people as possible, to have it taught in schools in New Zealand and to have breathing dysfunction screened for in general practice.


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