ConSensual Contact - Lunasa 2021

ConSensual Contact

Presenter: Renetsu Sparks

Consent is a topic of hidden depth and significance in all areas of our lives. Every interaction is governed by Consent. I will invite you into levels of awareness of what is happening within your bodies, sensations, feelings, emotions of which you may not be aware. Behaviour patterns, belief systems and traumas that restrict you from following their Inner Guidance and living a vibrantly full Yes for Life! Once explored in this safe consensual space, they can transform and effortlessly release.
Every thing is an invitation and you do only what you feel to do in that moment. No coercion.

Have you ever?
– Said Yes when you really wanted to say No?
– Been overwhelmed with guilt when saying No?
– Said Yes just to please others?
– Continued with something because you didn’t want to offend or let someone down, even though you really wanted to stop?
– Had a desire but didn’t voice it out of fear of rejection?

This is a fun and playful workshop that uses simple tools to help uncover beliefs and patterns that hold us back and restrict our lives. The release of these patterns enables us to listen to our own personal truth and show up in the world in an empowered, authentic, heart centred way. By listening to our bodies needs and being able to speak them clearly we honour ourselves in each moment. It is this that creates a safe space in which we relax, our hearts open, fear dissolves and expansion occurs.
The learnings from this workshop are numerous and continue to unfold over time. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Presenter Bio:

As a powerful energy worker who Tantricly Self Realised in the ‘90’s, I teach Tantra in a Uniquely Empowering Way. Being a sensitive and experienced empath I am able to read and respond effectively to the needs of the group tailoring my carefully prepared sessions precisely.
During a successful career working as a probation officer, I was struck down with an illness of unbearable pain and told repeatedly I would never walk again. My sons were both young and I was committed to parenting them so I needed to stay present in my body rather than give up this life. These factors fully focused my path to awakening to the knowing of the oneness of all, and taught me a great deal through direct experience.
I have been teaching, holding medicine free ceremonies and offering one to one sessions since the late 1990’s. I am internationally renowned as a holder of space in which healing and shifts of consciousness easily occur allowing an impressive growth opportunity to all. I use my sessions as a speaker of wisdom, and messenger of strategic insight with pinpoint accuracy. All of my focus revolves around facilitating and encouraging others into deeper depths of Consciousness and Healing from which to lead full expressions of their awesome authentic being in life.
In NZ, since 2002, I have taught many times in festivals incl. Luminate, Evolve, The Mix & Convergence and have also trained a number of people to facilitate my Consensual Contact workshop. I was based in Thailand where I have also taught & held ceremony in festivals as well as helped set up a school and teach extensively. I have taught in 8 countries and was due to facilitate at the No Mind Festival in Sweden this year but got locked in NZ. Glad to be here.


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