Workshops - Lunasa 2021

We invite you to explore a wide range of Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions at Lunasa 2021. Presenters will share wisdom and knowledge on a diversity of topics – creative arts & music, food resilience, community building, holistic health, yoga, Qi Gong, and lots more to help us bio-optimise and thrive. Most sessions are suitable for adults and teenagers, whilst some sessions are created specifically for the young ones.

How to reserve an admission pass
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Lunasa is a “Friends of Luminate” event for registered Members only. It’s easy to register and select a membership option for Adult or Youth (14-18yrs).


Select a Gift Contribution

Gift a value of Early Bird or more to be eligible to reserve a Member’s Admission Pass to Lunasa 2021.


Pay Membership Fee + Gift contribution

Early Bird Gift tier runs until 15th November, or earlier if the allocation is reached.

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