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Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

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Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

Join us to celebrate the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh (Lunasa) at the peak of summer, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox.

Lunasa is our “back to our roots” co-creation, with music, knowledge sharing & inspiration; activating heart-centered community flourishing in resonance with nature.

Applications are now open for volunteers, musicians, djs, holistic healing practioners and traders (food, refreshments & goods)   

Music line-up
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Lunasa presents an exciting mix of New Zealand music acts

Knowledge & Inspirational Sharing Sessions

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Lunasa is a “Friends of Luminate” event for registered Members only. It’s easy to register and select a membership option for Adult or Youth (14-18yrs).


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Gift a value of Early Bird or more to be eligible to reserve a Member’s Admission Pass to Lunasa 2021.


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Luminate Workshops

Lunasa – Relax, Recharge, Restore

Primarily, Lunasa provides an opportunity for people to camp with friends and family for a week in a beautiful mountain environment surrounded by native forest; to enjoy the land and its surroundings, appreciate its unique qualities, relax, recharge, and restore connection with nature.

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Why a members only event?

Lunasa 2023 is a “Friends of Luminate” event for registered Members only.


Given the global and national situation, uncertainties, and changing rules & regulations, we need to do things differently. Membership fees and gift contributions help us raise much needed funds to keep Luminate Trust afloat, to cover the costs of Lunasa, and to provide ongoing support to projects that benefit the ecology at Canaan Downs-Pikikirunga.


Please note there will be no public ticket sales and no gate sales.

About Lunasa

Lunasa is a potent time to tune into the natural environment, for extended community, friends and family to be together, to connect with like-minded people, enjoy music and dance, and share knowledge and inspiration to help navigate these transformational times.

This is an opportunity to reconnect for 8 days, camping in a beautiful mountain environment surrounded by native forest, with plenty of time to enjoy the land at Pikikirunga, the walking tracks, mountain biking tracks, tranquil streams, bird songs and each other.

Whilst we will retain the core essence of Luminate’s purpose, vision and culture at Lunasa, the event will be on a different scale to recent Luminate festivals; smaller and a more streamlined format that can that can adjust and flow with the circumstances and our needs at the time.

Enjoy a range of original music drawing from local and New Zealand bands & musicians, producers, djs and sound healing alchemists: world music, jazz, gypsy, klezmer, reggae, dub, folk & fusion, plus electronic music from sacred bass to psychedelic trance.

Lunasa will also focus on quality knowledge-sharing, empowering us with skills to benefit our lives and our communities, acknowledging nature as central to our co-existence, and inviting us to activate positive change.

Bio-optimise & Thrive

We will carry through the theme of “Bio-Optimise and Thrive” – Enhancing our internal biology, our external environment and power of the mind to achieve optimal health.

The knowledge-sharing sessions will also explore how we can:


  • reconnect and listen to the wisdom of nature in this time of global crisis and awakening, acknowledging nature as central to our co-existence.
  • bring in concepts of inter-connectedness, inter-being, reverence and compassion in communication, and the gifting of abundance into our daily lives.
  • embody knowledge and practical solutions that empower us with the information and skills needed to create resilient and flourishing communities.

Heart Centered Community

By inviting alignment we are also inviting collective intelligence to manifest so that strategies for co-creating the reality of heart-centered communities flourishing in resonance with nature can be actualized.


We are excited to harness the power of collective intelligence and to amplify from the crystal mountain “the beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change

Lunasa is about sharing knowledge and empowering people with practical solutions to flourish and build resilient communities in resonance with nature, along with enjoyment of music and being together in a beautiful environment.


The topics featured in the 13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change are put forward as invitations to explore themes that the wider community may have a common interest in.


If you are considering presenting workshops at Lunasa on any of these topics, or on any other topics, we would love to hear from you with your ideas.

13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change

1 - Food Resilience & Permaculture

2 - Regenerative Farming

3 - Nourishment strategies for well-being

4 - Compassionate Communication & Listening

5 - Healthy & Postive State of Mind

6 - Mushrooms, Mycelium & Bees

7 - Integral Health

8 - Ancient Wisdom, Natural Cycles, Practical skills

9 - Personal Development

10 - Music & Arts

11 - Circus & Comedy

12 - Movement Practices

13 - Interconnection with Animals and Nature

I would like to support Luminate – I can’t make it to Lunasa but I would like to become a Friend of Luminate Member

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