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Aqua Poodle

Aqua Poodle represents Golden Bay in all her beauty with limitless layers of lush electronica with a mythical acoustic vibe keeping you warm inside.

Aqua Poodle

Hailing from Golden Bay, Aqua Poodle is a well-seasoned doofer, attending outdoor music festivals for 20 years. Expect to hear some deep tech house with hypnotic bass lines with an organic sound, that will warm you and make you feel all squishy inside.

Ben Fein

I was born in Germany in 1986 and was raised in a family with a huge love for music, of every genre. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long until I took my first music lesson in guitar, at the age of 4. I performed at my very first concert at the age of five. A …

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Dj Selknam

Selknam enjoys experimenting across electronic musics multiple sub genres, and creating a mystical minimal atmosphere of Minimal and deep tech sounds, influenced by djs and producers from Eastern Europe and South America.


Andres Eichenbaum musical journey began post 90s, a teenage son of Argentina, immersed in the Trip Hop, Dub, Progressive Jazz and Rock scenes of Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps. His passion for electronic music was piqued in Buenos Aires and became stronger during his travels throughout Europe, South America and the Middle East. …

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Since Emma was young she always had a deep love of dancing be it jazz, ballet or just at home. When she grew into a teenager her favourite outlet for this was dance parties and living in the UK for several years she fell in love with Techno. Moving back to Wellington she found a …

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Gypsy Paul

DJ Gypsy-Paul is known to play a wide range of international fast electronic-dance-music. Expect a set drawn from many years of playing, entertaining the dancefloor with with balkan beats and gypsy-swing, funky house, techno tunes, minimal elektro beats, to rhythm bass and driven, world fusion grooves of all sorts….Happy dancing!

Lucid Gecko

Lucid Gecko takes you on a journey through the sonic landscapes of your imagination blending together an array of psychedelic and organic sounds, with solid grooves and synthesised elements.

Lucid Gecko

Lucid Gecko takes you on a journey through the sonic landscapes of your imagination blending together an array of psychedelic and organic sounds, with solid grooves and synthesised elements.


Mamapsy, (Sarah Crowther) is a new project from Mamadafunk. After years of DJing Funk, Ghetto Funk, House and Breaks, Sarah has been enjoying collecting and expanding her repertoire to include: Techno, Minimal High Tech, Prog and Psy Trance. Mamapsy’s sets are always crafted cleverly, mixed genre, that journey through the realms of your imagination, often …

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MOAD /mode/məʊd/ /pronounced : toad/ 1. a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done. “His preferred mode of music was a Techno” MOAD has been Djing since 2013 and has a knack for the deep melodic and driving styles of techno and house music. He has played many festivals …

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Mr Squatch

Mr Squatch delivers a diverse range of electronic beats wrapped in a warm, squishy, psychedelic, dubby, loved up funk-bubble. Traversing genres such as breaks, dub-step, tech-house, progressive, trance and more, a Mr Squatch set has something tasty for all. The project was created in 2007 by Shea Dawson, who has spent many summers spreading his …

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All is a vibration. My goal is to connect people in the vibration of a sound, guide them through the moment of a pure flow.

Pieter Borgh

One thing that was always consistent and reliable in Pieter Borghs heart was his cassette collection and his fascination of electronic music. Having been exposed to the earliest styles of Goa when he was just a whippersnapper in the early ’90s … this boy grew into music with a very special edge. Heavy Metal turned …

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Originally from Stockholm, Sweden PINO brings the noise and the weird to NZ. Pino has been steeped in the funky brew that is the in the underground dance scene in the South Island since she got here, she emerged inspired to add a flavour of her own. Her style is a big rolling basslines and …

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Ruru is the evolved NIGHTOWL of recent years playing sets from DnB opening for the likes of Kiwi legends Truth, The Upbeats, Optimus Gryme, Soulware and Grouch & Dub to name a few. Through to Minimal Techno and Progressive Trance opening for the likes of Grouch, Ricco Mazzer, Legacy, Tetrameth and Melt to name a …

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From groovy Tech House and driving melodic Techno, to down tempo or DeepHouse, every energy has its sound. My passion as a dancer makes me look for happy, energetic and hypnotic sounds.


Siliconbeat started making beats on Reason back in 2002 and by 2003 thought the best way to get them heard was by DJ’ing. Started up when he scored his first set at a Massive Autumn Equinox in 2003. Over the years he has played at various nightclubs and festivals around New Zealand. Festivals include Luminate, …

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Treavor Moontribe

Treavor Moontribe is one half of electronic music act Desert Dwellers and co-founder of Los Angeles’ legendary Moontribe Collective. Other projects include PheuZen and Forever & Ever, each with their own style showing the diversity that has always been a trademark of his sound.

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