Neo folk - Luminate Festival

Tui Mamaki

Haunting, spirited vocals over hypnotic odd-meter grooves. A meeting of delicacy and power. Original compositions inspired by TUi MAMAKi’s love affair with Bulgaria, spliced with traditional song, these are stories of love, harvest, death & transcendence. TUi MAMAKi is a vocal explorer, performer, composer/arranger, born in France, raised in Aotearoa/NZ and often found in Bulgaria. …

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Tui Mamaki

Beguiling vocal melodies over hypnotic guitar grooves, a meeting of delicacy and power. Evocative and earthy vocals, eastern tainted melodies afloat on swathes of harp like electric-guitar, hypnotic odd-meter rhythms and lyrics with simplicity, enriched by her journey as a mother.

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