House - Luminate Festival

Ben Fein

I was born in Germany in 1986 and was raised in a family with a huge love for music, of every genre. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long until I took my first music lesson in guitar, at the age of 4. I performed at my very first concert at the age of five. A …

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Dj Selknam

Selknam enjoys experimenting across electronic musics multiple sub genres, and creating a mystical minimal atmosphere of Minimal and deep tech sounds, influenced by djs and producers from Eastern Europe and South America.

Ellie Swan

“Psy trance had a major influence on me growing up in the late 90s – early 2000 and my set would definitely have a lot of tribal trance, touches of house trance and possibly other musical styles as I like to adapt to the crowd and create something new and live every time I mix”.

Felipe Martinez

Felipe has had a deep connection with music since his early years, first with the hip hop scene and then finding his way into electronic music. Within his sets you will find deep house and minimal sounds that make you travel to a paradisiacal place of rhythms and complex soundscapes. Felipe’s sets have been enjoyed …

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Gypsy Paul

DJ Gypsy-Paul is known to play a wide range of international fast electronic-dance-music. Expect a set drawn from many years of playing, entertaining the dancefloor with with balkan beats and gypsy-swing, funky house, techno tunes, minimal elektro beats, to rhythm bass and driven, world fusion grooves of all sorts….Happy dancing!

Herman Saiz

I began playing low-key in the underground house scene in Chile almost 2 decades ago. Inspired young by my Grandfathers profound passion for collecting music, I started out mixing cassettes and old records. My first passion was hip-hop and GFunk. I have always been interested in collecting new tracks, styles and artists, it wasn’t long …

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MOAD /mode/məʊd/ /pronounced : toad/ 1. a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done. “His preferred mode of music was a Techno” MOAD has been Djing since 2013 and has a knack for the deep melodic and driving styles of techno and house music. He has played many festivals …

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Organs of Trout

Rene grew up in Christchurch having a very broad selection of musical influences, his father a vinyl collector and close family involved in the early Drum n Bass scene. Having been travelling the world for the past three years and now settling in the far reaches of Bainham, Golden Bay Music is the main focus. …

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Hailing from Chile, vintage ’83, DJ Selknam arrived on Aotearoa’s shores over a decade ago with Waiheke Island becoming his home away from home. Playing an eclectic mix of house, techno, progressive and tribal DJ Selknam enjoys experimenting across electronic music multiple sub-genres, building up a solid following on Waiheke, Auckland and abroad. Ongoing projects …

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Seraph’s sets span ethereal melodies, rolling bass, vocal hooks and driving beats from House, Tech House and Melodic Techno. Get ready to experience first-hand one of Seraph’s seasoned melodic and high energy dance sets!

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