Hip-Hop - Luminate Festival


Want to hear something different?! Come and enjoy an eclectic mix of psychedelic sounds from my record collection…rock, jazz, trance, trip-hop and more….no mixing, just selecting… I guarantee you will peak anyway…and it will be sunny!


Alan James De Boeck, whose Mama is from Liverpool, was born and raised in Belgium. When his Good Friend, Matthew, showed him the chords to ‘Redemption Song’, Alan soon started busking these, discovering that “Songs of Freedom” could provide food and inspire listeners as well as being Good for his Soul. In the early 90s, …

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GalanJAH’s love for Reggae Music was ignited by parental inspiration. The experience that it is an Inclusive Music, catering for Dance Floors and the Rocking of Babies to Sleep alike has Augmented his embracing the steady heartbeat, the mindful step, the purposeful sway.  Galanjah is delighted to Share a chilled root, reggae, dub set, full of …

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“Having a profound love for roots reggae (and roots of roots reggae), GalanJAH is keen to be providing dancing feet wid ’nuff a wholesome beat…

Paige Julia

Forged in the depths of the Wellington rave music scene, Paige Julia came to Djing bass music in 2012 after much soul-searching. Immersing in the positive culture of late night dance music, meeting great international artists that encouraged her to try her hand at creating the music that was filling the events. Fast forward 5 …

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Sun Salute

Sun Salute is a wholesome brew of reggae, roots, hip-hop and funk. They draw inspiration for their music from nature, travel and community; and seek to use the power of music for healing and change.

Ungus Ungus Ungus

Ungus Ungus Ungus is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined, traversing territory from global dance beats to swing, Eastern European influences and their trademark carnie-hop.

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