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Alpaca Social Club

The Alpaca Social Club is the bringing together of 2 kindred musical souls. With strong roots in acoustic music, celtic trad and various world styles and playing “The music they love from wherever that comes from” they’re always ready to take live music into unexpected places with skill, humour, passion and a sense of adventure.


Balkany play upbeat songs from the four corners of Europe, getting audiences moving gypsy-style with a mix of traditional and original music. Enjoy brass, percussion, strings, squeezebox, vocals and good times!

Hello Tut Tut

Self medicating on proper happiness and adequate fun Hello Tut Tut have made a speedy ascent on to the World Music scene, winning over local and international crowds with their performances at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Falls Festival (Byron Bay), Bello Winter Music Festival, Live en Août (New Caledonia), and a collection of Australia’s most recognised venues and night markets.

International Tourist

International Tourist are both new and old, departing and arriving, relentless in their live energy and the accumulation of frequent flyer points.

Solea Gami

I play play different percussion instruments, kalimba, jaw harp, guitar and accompany with computer and vocals.

Yurt Party

Embrace the east-european-meets-dubby-roots sound of Yurt Party, clap hands to seething Gypsy and Balkan rhythms, sigh to haunting violin melodies, and feel the percussive beat shake the floorboards.

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