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We long to have a secure means to reach you when we have important information to share, and we wish to make it easy for you to communicate with us. Here’s how we can stay connected with each other:

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 Send us a message via the contact section of the website.

We read all our messages and do our best to reply as soon as possible

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Although we are well aware of many issues with social media (and we hope that you share this awareness), we are utilising these channels for communication for now:

Join the Luminate Festival Community group on Facebook where you can add content and participate in group conversations.

Follow & Like the Luminate Festival page on Facebook, where we post helpful information and content relating to the festival.

Visit our YouTube channel Luminate Festival – Aotearoa
View videos from Luminate festival over the years.

You can follow Luminate Festival on Instagram. We know we need to update this with lots more cool photos, we’re working on it!

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