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Activating positive change beneficial to the ecology

Activating positive change beneficial to the ecology

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We announce the change of plans for Luminate Festival, and introduce a new back-to-our-roots co-creation with workshops and local music in an easier format that can adjust and flow with the circumstances and our needs at this time.

We are naming the event Lunasa.

Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

Luminate Workshops

Lunasa – Relax, Recharge, Restore

Primarily, Lunasa provides an opportunity for people to camp with friends and family for a week in a beautiful mountain environment surrounded by native forest; to enjoy the land and its surroundings, appreciate its unique qualities, relax, recharge, and restore connection with nature.

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Applications are now open for volunteers, musicians, djs, holistic healing practioners and traders (food, refreshments & goods)   

Music line-up
for Lunasa

Lunasa presents an exciting mix of New Zealand music acts

Knowledge & Inspirational Sharing Sessions

Check out the amazing program of Workshops

13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change

We have listed the themes that are alive in us at present as the 13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change. We intend to focus on these at Lunasa with knowledge sharing sessions, discussion forums and opportunities to connect with others who are feeling alignment and resonance with nurturing these seeds.

By inviting alignment we are also inviting collective intelligence to manifest, so that strategies for co-creating the reality of heart-centered communities flourishing in resonance with nature can be actualized.

Visit the INSPIRING section here on the Luminate website to access a selection of articles and videos that we think are highly informative, inspiring and aligned with the 13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change.

Luminate’s purpose is to co-create a thriving festival of music, arts and inspiration, activating positive change beneficial to the ecology.

Luminate’s vision is heart-centred community flourishing in resonance with nature.

How you can support Luminate:

We have anchored the Luminate Festival flotilla in a safe harbour for this coming year, and until such time that Luminate Festival can shine its light in all its brilliance again.

We acknowledge that we need some help to keep the Luminate flotilla afloat so that we can continue to navigate this ocean of planetary transformation.

We invite you to support Luminate in any way you would like to.

Any donation is much appreciated.

Become a “Friend of Luminate” by registering for membership. Annual membership fee options for Adult and Youth (14-18yrs).

Members who support us with a Gift contribution of  an Early Bird or more can reserve an Admission Pass to Lunasa 2021.

Donations, Membership fees and Gift contributions help raise much needed funds to enable Luminate Festival Educational & Spiritual Trust to continue to:

  • achieve our aims, objectives, purpose and vision.
  • provide ongoing support and benefit to the land and ecology at Canaan Downs-Pikikirunga.

Stay connected with the Luminate Community

We long to have a secure means to reach you when we have important information to share, and we wish to make it easy for you to communicate with us. Here’s how we can stay connected with each other:

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Video Highlights

Enjoy a selection of highlights from Luminate Festivals

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