Exploring the sacred geometric principles underlying the Luminate Site by Grayham Forscutt

think-sacred-geometry-grayhanWe'll tour the Luminate Site and point out the many reasons underlying the choice of geometries used to layout the overall site and zones. These fractal geometries (we will have many to view and handle) were chosen because they fulfill the exact requirements for 'real-time' conscious group interactions with nature (deva kingdom),  our earth, plus the solar and galactic environment.

It's not all serious stuff, the template for the patterns is the famous Phi Ratio (spiritually, Phi is called the 'I Am Presence', the Dharmakaya or Truth body of Buddhism), our body measurements are designed upon this phi principle and it's fun to know the letters phi can be rearranged to hip (as in shake those hips).

Phi geometries, simpli-phi, clari-phi, recti-ph and uni-phi.

They underlie; the Unified (uni-phi-ed) Field, compassionate heart harmonics, frictionlessness, instantaneity, openness, acceleration, centering, synergy, sharing, free energy technologies and they provide the blueprints for group visualization creation mechanics.

To conclude, together we will build the layout geometry of a Stargate and 'charge it up', which you can rebuild anytime later, useful for dream-work, aiding those about to die, group shamanic work, medicine wheels, garden designs, etc etc.

Grayham Forscutt - Over twenty years experience of conscious contact with Galactic Federation HQ. Numerous out of body explorations of other star systems, even beyond the galaxy, leading to being able to publish (on blog) the 'roadmap' for astral travelers, which was later confirmed by the major institute for astral travel instruction (Robert Monroe Institute). Many workshops over the years at many festivals in the Tasman region, Possibilities in Nelson.

My article on the CosmoGenetic Family Tree was included (edited) in a larger article called 'The Real Science of Angels' by leading sacred geometrist, Dan Winter.






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