The Science of Indian Music by Prosad

A-nophotoThis workshop will give an overview and introduction into the science of Indian music and how it affects consciousness.   You will learn about the history of the Indian Raga system of music, how it evolved and how it can be used as a tool for meditation.

Examples of different ragas will be demonstrated on the sitar and the concept of sound as a yogic path to raise consciousness will be discussed. We will also cover the transmission of this ancient music from master to disciple and what that means to us today. Listen, learn and enjoy this unique journey into the mystical music of India.

Prosadis an international musician, composer and well-known sitar player. He has toured Canada, India, New Zealand and Australia; performing in a variety of venues including music festivals, concert halls, clubs and yoga centres. Prosad has played sitar for Prince Edward of the United Kingdom and been the featured soloist in the North American debut of an orchestral concerto for sitar and brass orchestra (Legend of Sangeet).  He has composed music for two Hollywood films and has also recorded with Australian artist Xavier Rudd on his new album, Spirit Bird.   Prosad’s first sitar teacher was Shambhu Das; Ravi Shankar’s senior disciple and George Harrison’s first sitar teacher.  Since then Prosad has studied sitar in Toronto and India and is currently studying Indian music with Alam Khan, son of the legendary Ali Akbar Khan Sahib.  Prosad has recorded four albums of original music and is currently working on a fifth, which is a blend of styles mixing dance, reggae, Trance-Sitar and world instruments.  He divides his time between Canada and traveling the world performing

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