Maori Vocal by Pacific Curl

pacific-curlMaori songs have a distinctive sound. Workshop participants will learn a number of songs in the Maori and Samoan language - a great workshop for lovers of pacific music, schools and choirs interested in expanding their repertoires.

Kim Halliday (Rotuman/NZ Scottish), Sarah Beattie (Scottish) and Ora Barlow (Te Whanau-a-Apanui/English) perform music with depth and originality that touches the inner essence of their musicality. With a cornerstone of backbeat Pacific rhythms, vivacious fiddle playing evoking the Scottish highlands and evocative Maori instrumentation and lyrics, Pacific Curls have pioneered a fusion sound that seamlessly blend their indigenous roots. Classifying their sound is a challenge. Their use of jazz chordal transitions, traditional Scottish tunes, expressive vocals, political and moving lyrics in Maori and English, their use of world instruments with Pacific style beats and moods, shakes and bakes it all into a contemporary intriguing edginess.

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