Yoga; The Technology of Expansion by Sadhu Prager Macholl

Sadhu--yoga--kiss-application-form-2012 page2_image1Join international Yoga Teacher Sadhu for a 2 part workshop exploring Yoga's invitation to live life to the fullest, as he weaves magical story telling with sound structural alignment to facilitate a deeply therapeutic, insightful and uplifting Yoga experience!

With playful sequences of Yoga poses, breathing & relaxation practices, harness your inherent ability to step into your greatness.

Sadhu Prager Macholl teaches with great enthusiasm & light hearted playfulness, offering his profound knowledge of structural therapeutics along with a deep passion for Yoga philosophy and mythology.

Sadhu has completed Yoga Teacher Certification Programs in several methods and has accumulated 1000s training hours over more than 10 years of intensive Yoga study around the globe, including over a year in India. Sadhu has also assisted in several Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

He has trained in numerous Therapeutic Modalities including: Kinesiology & Massage and rejoices in working with Yoga Therapeutics with clients & students who are navigating injuries & ailments of all kinds. Sadhu is deeply dedicated to empowering others through Yoga.

He has been a student of Yoga for more than 10 years and a teacher since 2004. Sadhu has taught in the U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Guatemala & New Zealand.

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Dreamspell - Mayan Calendar by Vasumi

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Harakeke weaving by Enger Pelosi Fear

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Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

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Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

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