Samba de Sol Dance Workshop by Tanya Nock Roger Sanders Leonora Soares & Nadia Dysart

samba-del-solCome and learn Brazilian and Indian rhythms (Samba reggae and sambhangra) with the support of Samba de sol members. No experience necessary, just come and enjoy the positive energy samba brings. You will also be taught basic techniques of each instrument  and will come together with the dancers from the dance workshop for a parade.

Leonora Soares will introduce the origins of samba and Brazilian dance moves. Nadia Dysart will teach some of the current samba works. Samba de Sol dancers will be there to help participants with learning the dance moves. Everyone will have fun! Be prepared to sweat!!

No dance experience is required. Participants will learn dance steps of samba no pe, samba reggae, samba funk and Samba de Sol's original samba bhangra fusion. Acompanied by percussionists from Samba de Sol.

Tanya Nock (percussion) is the Musical director of Samba de Sol. She specialised in world music as part of her degree at Dartington College of Arts U.K and went on to complete a Post grad in Education at the University of Exeter. Tanya has been running workshops for teachers and children of all ages for over 20 years.

Roger Sanders (percussion) is well known in the area as a multi talented artist/musician/actor. He is an experienced percussionist and runs the Introductory Samba classes in Nelson.

Leonora Soares (dance) has been with Samba de Sol since it was formed in September 2010. She runs the "Samba de Sol's Introduction to Brazilian Rhythms" dance workshops in Nelson. She taught aerobics in England and has experience in: Classical and modern ballet, jazz, gymnastics, Brazilian folk dances, and samba.

Nadia Dysart (dance) graduated from the NZ School of Dance in 1995 and has since worked as a contemporary dancer in New Zealand, Europe and India. She has taught dance workshops in the UK, Belgium and NZ to people of all ages and abilities. Over her 30 years of dancing, Nadia has experienced a broad range of dance traditions, styles and techniques. She joined Samba de Sol as soon as she could after giving birth to her son in January 2011 and is now Dance Director for the group



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