Luminate Festival 2015

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The Twisty Twinz wowed us with their aerial performance in 2013 and this year we are delighted to welcome them back to enthrall and enchant us! This twin-tastic duo will be teaching workshops in aerial silks, trapeze and acro balance. Watch out for their amazing roving stilted characters who will be appearing all over the festival site!

Workshops 2015

Aikido and the grounded Spirit - Matthew Walker

Posted on 15/12/2014 at MOVE WORKSHOPS

Aikido and the grounded Spirit - Matthew Walker

A basic introduction to the practice of Aikido with an emphasis on experiencing the potential of this martial art as a practical tool for understanding the self relative to the whole.

Embodied Resonance - The Melbourne Chant Collective

Posted on 27/12/2014 at SOUNDZ WORKSHOPS

Embodied Resonance  - The Melbourne Chant Collective

The Melbourne Chant Collective, Chakradhyan and Sun Hyland. Using the somatic practices of Yoga, Thai chi and other movement forms, rediscover the relationship of the body, breath and voice. The Melbourne Chant Collective will help you understand and fully utilize your voice to bring about deeper awareness and awaken the prana (energy) in the body. Techniques to expand the voice, 'Tuning' your body to sound, Chants to awaken prana in the body.


Creatively Capturing Stones: Jewellery making - Jessica Holdaway

Posted on 08/12/2014 at ARTS & CULTURE WORKSHOPS

Creatively Capturing Stones: Jewellery making - Jessica Holdaway

A special stone or crystal can be captured as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Learn to make a macramé net to hold any stone or item and create your wearable or gift piece. Tap into your creative talents and learn a practical new skill.

Reflexology, Blissful & Therapeutic Foot Massage - Shanti Smith

Posted on 25/12/2014 at HEALTH WORKSHOPS

Reflexology, Blissful & Therapeutic Foot Massage - Shanti Smith

Foot Reflexology is a simple, easy, and blissful healing tool. In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques for reflexology and understand the principles behind the therapy! What you learn can be used for first aid, general wellbeing, self-healing and helping your family and friends through various health issues.

Psychedelic Sound Design and Composition - BioLuMigen

Posted on 16/01/2015 at SOUNDZ WORKSHOPS

Psychedelic Sound Design and Composition - BioLuMigen

What is computer music and how is it made? How does one compose, design and construct a song? Take a comprehensive look into how to create and compose music electronically from the ground up by exploring the different elements, techniques and approaches that fuse together to create music that we love.

Creating a Permaculture Paradise - Robina McCurdy

Posted on 27/12/2014 at ORGANIC WORKSHOPS

Creating a Permaculture Paradise - Robina McCurdy

Seize this opportunity to learn the ethics and principles of permaculture, to design a flourishing home environment, enhance the community you live within, and harmonise your own life.


Be a Changemaker - Rebekah Goldstein-Hawes

Posted on 15/12/2014 at HOLISTIC WORKSHOPS

Be a Changemaker - Rebekah Goldstein-Hawes

How can I be a part of lasting and positive change? How can I make a difference in my health? In my community? By looking at the body, the family, the community as a system we can begin to understand ways to facilitate transformation. Learn tools for being a changemaker!

Sacred Sounds Kirtan - Anahata Yoga Retreat and friends

Posted on 16/01/2015 at SOUNDZ WORKSHOPS

Sacred Sounds Kirtan - Anahata Yoga Retreat and friends

Open your heart and clear your head with “kirtan”.  Join Anahata Yoga Retreat and special guest Chakradhyan every evening 7-8pm for joyful singing and dancing in this uplifting Yoga practice of call-and-response singing of mantras.

Suitable for all ages, children welcome.



Energy in Motion - Transforming Emotions - Swami Karma Karuna of Anahata Yoga Retreat

Posted on 18/01/2015 at HOLISTIC WORKSHOPS

Energy in Motion - Transforming Emotions - Swami Karma Karuna of Anahata Yoga Retreat

Explore feelings and emotions around life situations such as family, relationships, work, and past events and receive the skills to manage and direct them.

Rowan Tree

Posted on 20/01/2015 at CIRCUS WORKSHOPS

From England, Rowan Tree brings us her multi skills in hoop, poi and juggling. Rowan has taught and performed at festivals all over the United Kingdom for the past 3 years and has developed workshops to cater for all ages and abilities. She performs with a variety of fire props and may be spotted pixie-ing around the festival site at night with her fiery toy of choice. Rowan will be teaching workshops in contact juggling, folds and flourishes with your hula hoop...

The Twisty Twinz & Tobias Castelli

Posted on 11/12/2014 at CIRCUS WORKSHOPS

The Twisty Twinz & Tobias Castelli

The Twisty Twinz have been rejoicing the Luminate goers with their stunning acrobatic acts and fun workshops for many years.

Nele and Jola Siezen have been doing acro-balance (partner acrobatics) since childhood and bring a wealth of experience in international circus performing and teaching to Luminate.

Kick Start Yoga - Anahata Yoga Retreat

Posted on 18/01/2015 at MOVE WORKSHOPS

Kick Start Yoga - Anahata Yoga Retreat

Ease yourself into the day with a spot of early morning “me” time at our daily Hatha Yoga morning sessions. Enjoy a choice of loosening and energizing postures and vitalizing breathing practices. Welcome the morning sunshine with  Surya Namaskar salutes to the sun and set a clear and charged tone for the day.

Suitable for all ages.

Technicalities and practicalities of seed saving - Sol Morgan

Posted on 15/12/2014 at ORGANIC WORKSHOPS

Technicalities and practicalities of seed saving - Sol Morgan

Seed saving is vital for proofing our place and community. Learn to save pure seed with hands-on techniques.

The technicalities and practicalities of seed saving are considered including how different plant crops relate and how this influences saving seeds. Discover which crops to grow for seed and strategies to ensure pure seed. Also experience hands on seed saving techniques.


Nutritional Anthropology - Dr. Sam

Posted on 16/12/2014 at HEALTH WORKSHOPS

Nutritional Anthropology - Dr. Sam

Confused about nutrition: Raw food? Vegan? Vegetarian? Flexitarian? Omnivore? Paleo? Learn the foundation of nutrition: Anthropology, the study of cultures prior to modern civilization.

Learn about Dr. Weston A. Price's nutritional research in the 1920s and 1930s on isolated indigenous cultures, including Eskimo, Aborigines, Maori, Peruvian, African, and Polynesian cultures. 

Ryan Walker & Alice Maxwell - Spiral Technica

Posted on 20/01/2015 at CIRCUS WORKSHOPS

Ryan Walker & Alice Maxwell - Spiral Technica

Ryan Walker excels with a variety of fire props and is one of the best teachers and performers in NZ. In addition to his many object manipulation skills, in 2015 he brings us Living Loops, an inventive interactive LED based tool for teaching and learning with any light based prop, which has been enthralling children and adults alike all over New Zealand. 


Alice Maxwell, Ryan's partner, will be helping Ryan run Living Loops, and will be teaching Dragon...

World Class Music

Luminate's Live Stage offers an authentic, world class line-up of talented musicians, spanning many contemporary and traditional genres and artists who merge live music with digital/computer technology to forge new and exciting, integrated pathways of musical creativity and performance.

The E-Zone line-up at Luminate 2015 is packed full of amazing international and local talent, pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic genres, and providing a world class experience of diverse, cutting edge dance music. it's the only dedicated zone for 100% electronic music at Luminate.

Tribal hosts acoustic drumming & other native instruments in a wonderland of organic sculpture and much barefoot dancing around the fire. Bring your percussion, your fire toys, your inspiration and join in this sharing space.

The Chillout Lounge offers a comfortable place to chill out, lounge around, and enjoy a mug of chai or a bliss ball, whilst soothing atmospheric soundscapes permeate your cells and encourage a heightened state of quantum relaxation.

The Village Stage's pitch will have a powered stage with a couple of mics and speakers and be located in the food zone.

Inspirational Workshops

Luminate Festival offers a  wide selection of workshops like Permaculture, Bio Dynamics, Yoga, Aikido, Jikyo Jutsu, Qi Gong, Holistic health, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Native plant medicine, Harakeke, Maori Legends, African dance, to Belly dancing and lots more. At night a selection of enlightening movies & documentaries are screened.

Music workshops include Celtic guitar, Irish low whistle, Irish bouzouki, African drumming, Didgeridoo, songs of medieval Spain, Indian Vocalisation, Kirtan, Stagecraft, Improvisation, and Electronic music production using Abelton Live and Logic.

The dedicated Juggle-poi-toy circus zone hosts sessions on juggling, poi, staff, slackline, unicycling, stilts, whip cracking, silks/aerial, acrobalance, hulahoop, and lots more; most are suitable for kids and adults. At night the zone transforms into spectacular choreographed fire performances, and look out for the many roving performers too.

Amazing Range of Activities

The market is a colorful, spacious area; the central happening ‘home’ of the festival, offering quality, yummy healthy food, a range of wonderful products, and a open mic stage! It’s a great place to catch up with friends over a mouth-watering meal, coffee, juice or snack, and for parents to relax while the children enjoy a variety of activities.

The "Healing Hub – Hauora", offers a wide range of healing experiences from various styles of massage and other bodywork to channeled readings and light workers.

At the Flaming-Juggle-Poi-Toy-Zone you will find an extensive program of circus style workshops catering for all ages and abilities, and hosts a spectacular array of fire/LED performers each night throughout the festival.

When we say that the Luminate Festival is Kidz friendly, we mean much more than just 'allowing' Kids to be there with their parents... We actually try to make the event a memorable experience for all the children who come and to support their parents to enjoy being there with them.

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Live Stage 2015

  • Amani
  • Beats Antique
  • Beyondsemble
  • bioLuMigen
  • Carlos and Sybie
  • Carolina Moon
  • Chimuka
  • CirqueSanity
  • D-sens
  • Dark Nebula
  • dDub
  • Desert Dwellers
  • Deya Dova
  • DOV1
  • Dub Kirtan All Stars
  • Formidable Veggie Sound...
  • Galanjah
  • Ganga Giri
  • Henry & Makete
  • Hypnagog
  • Irie Vibes
  • Isaac Chambers
  • Janover & reSunator
  • Jon Sanders
  • Joshua Tree
  • JPOD
  • Kalya Scintilla
  • Knights of the Dub Table
  • Loose Connexionz
  • Matiu Te Huki with My Golden Soul
  • MudWood
  • My Baby
  • Mystic Beats
  • Nigel Gavin
  • Perfect Stranger
  • Redwood Reider
  • Sika
  • Spiral
  • Terrafractyl
  • The Slacks

Electronic Zone 2015

  • BlueFrog
  • Defazed
  • DJ Aleon
  • DJ Cib
  • DJ Hobo
  • Eukali
  • FreQ Nasty
  • Gabby Gunn
  • Galangah
  • Herman Saiz
  • Josh Tasman
  • Joshua Tree
  • Ladykerbs
  • Leorion
  • Luccid
  • Melt
  • Pino
  • Scent
  • Shantaraam/Tech Aid/NightShayde
  • ShinDig
  • Siliconbeat
  • Simon Deep South Audio
  • Solomon
  • Systm.Bypass
  • The Wisdom of Shankara
  • Treavor Moontribe
  • Waay
  • Warp
  • Wilderness
  • Wodjer Want
  • Wyldcard

Chillounge 2015

  • Beats Antique
  • Beyondsemble
  • bioLuMigen
  • Chris Butler
  • Defazed
  • DJ Cib
  • Dj Dazy
  • Dj Kamotion
  • Dov1
  • Galanjah
  • Isaac Chambers
  • Joshua Tree
  • Karena Koa
  • Lunaspice
  • Mamadafunk
  • Manu
  • Matt Coldrick
  • Mental Extensions
  • Nigel Gavin
  • Shantaraam
  • Tala
  • The Hallelujah Tribe
  • The Wisdom of Shankara
  • Waay
  • Wyldcard
  • Yeshe


Wildlife at Luminate - a tramping enthusiast's view We had an awesome time at the festival! Thanks to all of you who obviously worked really hard to put such a wonderful event together. After tramping for a few days, it wa...

Glenys Robertson

Luminate: to shine light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face; earth friendly festival of music, art, culture, intentional community, sustainability, celebration and inspiration; celebrating the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox, 28th Jan - 4th Feb 2015. Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust. Registered Charity CC43938