Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

A-nophotoThis workshop will include yogic movements, breathing exercises, meditation and a laughing yoga session.....A positive mind is the source of health, abundance and peace. Take this wonderful opportunity to create a powerful positive healing energy, showing gratitude for all you have and celebrating positivity together.

Anahata Yoga Retreat is an integral residential yoga retreat sharing Satyananda Yoga which is based on yoga as way of life, incorporating yoga practices for the head, heart and hands. Join Swami Karma Karuna, a founding member and director of Anahata with more than 20 years of experience for this chakra and sound workshop. She teaches world-wide, sharing practical yoga techniques for transformation with depth and insight.

Anahata (heart centre) symbolises compassion, acceptance, universal love, selflessness and devotion. These qualities are central to the purpose of Anahata Yoga Retreat and inspire its attitudes and actions.

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2012 Workshops - KISS

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Yoga Nidra- Deep Relaxation Practice by Anahata

Category: Holistic

Yoga Nidra- Deep Relaxation Practice by Anahata

Enjoy a guided meditation while lying down which brings deep relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration of ...

Morning Integral Yoga by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Category: Move

Morning Integral Yoga by Anahata Yoga Retreat

General Yoga Class for all levels. Explore yoga postures and breathing practices to start your day w...

Samba de Sol Dance Workshop by Tanya Nock Roger Sanders Leon…

Category: Move

Samba de Sol Dance Workshop by Tanya Nock Roger Sanders Leonora Soares & Nadia Dysart

Come and learn Brazilian and Indian rhythms (Samba reggae and sambhangra) with the support of Samba de so...

Beginners to intermediate drumming by Ras Judah

Category: Soundz

Beginners to intermediate drumming by Ras Judah

Ras Judah: I originally come from Botswana, Southern Afrika. I have been involved with drumming since I w...

Didjeridoo Sound Journey by Sika

Category: Soundz

Didjeridoo Sound Journey by Sika

Relax to the Ancient Sounds of The Earth Dreaming. International musician, Sika, will take us on a m...

Live Stage 2012

  • The Barons of Tang
  • Wild Marmalade
  • OKA
  • Ganga Giri
  • Ott
  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
  • Janover
  • Prosad
  • Matiu Te Huki



Cosmic Corner



Fling Juggling

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