Rebirthing breathwork: Self healing through conscious connected breath by Emma Skellern


Rebirthing breathwork is a simple, gentle yet powerful breathing technique where you consciously connect the breath for up to an hour. Making this commitment to the cycle (or circle) of the breath is always rejuvenating, and depending on how much you are ready to let go of, it can offer very deep purification and cleansing of thoughts,  feelings, beliefs and memories from the past (hence the ‘rebirth’).

This workshop is led by Emma Skellern, an experienced breathworker, who will start by opening the circle then introducing you to the technique. You will then experience a group breathwork session and have the chance to share your experiences before the circle is closed.

Emma Skellern: I trained in this technique five years ago, with the original founders of rebirthing breathwork; Sondra Ray and then Leonard Orr. I completed this series of trainings in India, Poland and then Virginia, America where Leonard Orr's training academy is based. I then set up a rebirthing breathwork group in Glastonbury, UK which I led with my colleague Suzanna Viney for almost 2 years. Upon my return to New Zealand I established an Albany based breathwork circle which I am looking to extend to other parts of Auckland in the new year. I have also trained as a psychologist and currently work in the mental health field.

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