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Clean Environment Strategy

Luminate's innovative approach to Zero Waste through its Clean Environment Strategy is unique amongst events in New Zealand. We invite you to help us strengthen the Zero Waste ethos at Luminate so that the festival's low impact on the environment continues whilst the festival grows in size.

We encourage everyone at Luminate to approach zero waste with RRRESPECT:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Personal responsibility
  • Education
  • Composting
  • Traditional materials


Minimize waste production on site

Reduce the generation of rubbish at its source

Refreshments stalls serve only in ceramics, biodegradables, or people's own mugs & plates

Bottled, canned and carton drinks are not permitted to be sold

Stalls to avoid selling new plastic items & items in packaging

Re-use resources

Festival infrastructure and decor is built from re-used resources and natural materials

Festival equipment and materials are purchased second hand wherever possible

Crew t-shirts are bought second hand and screen printed by hand

Use of re-usable ceramics for food and drinks stalls

Re-using envelopes and other packaging


Recycling of materials which cannot be re-used

Printing of promotional material on re-cycled paper

Energy efficiency

Solar showers

Bikes for site crew and security

Car pooling

Minimising our carbon footprint


The main theme of the festival

All decisions are made with sustainability in mind

Inspiring others to make sustainable choices

Creating opportunities for local participation and work

Personal responsibility

No rubbish bins or recycling on site

Pack out what you bring in

Bring your own mug & plate for the refreshment stalls

Leave packaging at home

Make purchase choices to avoid excess packaging

We are all responsible for co-creating our reality


Informative advertising

Sustainability workshops

Ceramic mugs printed with the the zero waste/re-use resources message available for use at the festival


Compost food scraps

Composting toilet matter

Traditional materials

Prioritise use of natural materials across the board

Infrastructure and decor are constructed from natural materials wherever possible

Workshops on traditional crafts eg harekeke

The RRRESPECT project aims to:

  • Raise public awareness of the different aspects involved in creating an authentic Zero Waste event
  • be a working example where people can see the direct benefits of embracing such a philosophy - (eg a clean, pristine environment and a significant reduction of waste going to landfill due to a consistent approach across all strand of the festival)
  • educate and encourage people to make informed choices and small lifestyle changes which can make a big difference in co-creating a sustainable community

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