Camping at Luminate

Luminate Festival 2017

Q. Do I have to pay extra for camping?
The cost of camping is included in the ticket price. The spacious camping area is surrounded by stunning native bush, in a spectacular mountain location. Yay!

Q. How far is it from the campsites to the event area?
5-15 min walk: depends where you're camped and where you're going- and how fast you walk. Bring your bicycle!!

Q. Is there more than one camping area?
A.There are three main camping areas to choose from:
Quiet- For rest at any hour
Family- Early to sleep, early to rise
General Camping- Usual bustle

Q. Are campsites assigned, or can I reserve a specific campsite?
Campsites are not assigned, so please set up in a space that works for you, while being respectful to those you are choosing to set up next to. Most camping areas are grassy.

Q. Can I camp in the forest?
Please respect the natives of the Beech forest by camping elsewhere – this beautiful habitat is home to New Zealand's endangered snail, the Powelliphanta. The Beech trees also like to drop their limbs, so please don't camp beneath them. Take care of yourself and the environment by choosing a respectful camping area that works for all.

Q. Do I need a tent and bedding?
Yes – if you not planning to sleep in your car / van / caravan / housetruck / bus.
Bring a tent and all the bedding and equipment you need to have a comfortable camping experience. As we will be on top of a mountain, be prepared for all kinds of weather: sun, wind, cold and wet, possibly all in the same day.

You need to provide your own shade and shelter, so if you have extra weather-proofing, such as tarps you can hang above your tent and camping area – bring them, and all supplies you need for setting them up.

Q. Is there power or can I bring a generator?
You will be off the grid; no power supplies are available and please leave your generators at home. Get back to basics – think back to your camping experiences as a child and get enthusiastic about living more simply for your week at Luminate.

Q. Can I light a fire at my campsite?
Please just enjoy the authorised festival fires located in the main event areas.

Fire performers – please light up only in the designated areas.

These restrictions are for the safety of everyone, so please respect them. We want everyone at Luminate to feel safe in their campsites, day and night, for themselves and their children.

Q. Are the camping areas lit?
No, so bring a torch and batteries. And a spare torch!

Q. What facilities are available for campers?
Clean drinking water is provided in several locations around the camping areas, along with eco-composting toilets and solar showers (these are basic, but a real delight after days of dancing and playing in nature).

Q. Will the campsites be quiet at night?
Our desire is for everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and be aware and respectful of those around them. We all want a quiet place to lay our heads after a full day or night of dancing and activities – so be the neighbour you would like to have. We would appreciate it if you would play music, drum, laugh and play loudly only until 10pm at night, and after 10am in the morning.

Look around when you are setting up camp. If you are alongside families, you will need to be quieter earlier in the evening, and prepared for a noisier breakfast! This is great, there is nothing wrong with it; just suss it out at the beginning if you can. That way you'll be in the right area for your requirements.

Q. Can I bring cooking equipment?
Yes, you will need to if you are intending to cook anything. You can bring your kitchen sink, if that would be helpful. Please bring everything you need to sustain yourself for the duration – there is no communal kitchen available for use.

If you want some items chilled, bring a chilly bin. Bring a bucket and biodegradable dishwashing liquid. Bring a tea towel. Bring everything you can think of, for an enjoyable camping experience!

There WILL be a market area with organic and locally-sourced food and refreshments, for those times when you want someone else to cook for you.

If you choose to make the most of the delectable goods available, be prepared:
Food stalls will serve onto ceramics, so bring your own plate, cup and utensils (or you can use theirs for a small fee). There is a composting area for biodegradeables and a dishwashing area provided.

There will be no rubbish bins or recycling on site! Be prepared to pack out what you bring in and leave no trace.

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