Evolution of Emerging Energies by Jay

eco--evolutionThe new paradigm is here now and so its time to remove the shackles of alternate energy which has been quite successfully suppressed for as long as gasoline and electricity has been around.

In this talk we will first take a look at a brief history of suppressed electric and hydrogen technology from Kiwi inventers and others worldwide and then we'll take a look at the latest breakthroughs and emerging grass-roots work been done and also expose a few myths that have kept many from taking the leap into a new way of looking at energy.

The last part of the talk will be an open forum for inverters and researchers to share and discuss the exciting new and old technologies on offer and have a look at some practical demonstrations. We also will look at methods of becoming free of systems of control though novel means like energy dependence, and living without the need for most forms of food for a healthy life.

Jay - I have been a researcher and backyard inventor for the last 12 years or so in the alternate energy field and have given talks on all manner of suppression in science, health, government and corporate media.

My main interest is in bringing like minded people together to network and combine talents to create models and workable devices that can be easily replicated by others and that is part of the purpose of these talks. My main interests are in encouraging people to be free of systems of control.

I also have run documentary film nights in Wellington since 2003 on all manner of topics including health, media, government, corporate greed and the unexplained and explained.

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