Lineup Electronic Zone 2017

Luminate Festival 2017




Xsetra is a Drum & Bass producer from Sydney, Australia based in a small town on the central coast. Xsetra has been sculpting his sounds in the DnB scene for around 8 years, continuously pushing the boundaries on his sound design and techniques. 

A major turning point was the release of Compatible on Violation Music U.K back in 2015 turning heads with a new sound launched the series of releases on labels based in the UK such as Transmission Audio and its sister label Alchemic breaks.

Back on home soil Xsetra has delivered other releases on Australian labels including Sixbux Recordings, Rexette and the latest of releases, Ether, is coming out in November on Sydney's up and coming label Monarch Records out in November. 

Xsetra's sound is mixture of dark layered neurotic bass lines and displaced rolling drums keeping you on your toes, heavenly pads sweeping you into the abyss of the captivating sound called Xsetra.


Electronic Zone 2017

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  • Beat Fatigue
  • Felipe Martinez
  • DeepSouthAudio
  • Twilight
  • ShinDig
  • Bushman
  • Aquapoodle
  • Xsetra
  • Herman Saiz
  • Amani
  • Josh Tasman
  • MeltYum
  • Siliconbeat
  • Superconductor
  • Ladykerbs
  • Confusiohm
  • Pootie Tang
  • Pino
  • Nanosphere
  • Galanjah
  • Shankara

Luminate: to shine light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face; earth friendly festival of music, art, culture, intentional community, sustainability, celebration and inspiration; celebrating the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust. Registered Charity CC43938