Lineup Electronic Zone 2017

Luminate Festival 2017

Mr Squatch

New Zealand


Mr Squatch delivers a diverse range of electronic beats wrapped in a warm, squishy, psychedelic, dubby, loved up funk-bubble. Traversing genres such as breaks, dub-step, tech-house, progressive, trance and more, Mr Squatch returns to Luminate Festival to deliver a retrospective set with something tasty for all.

Electronic Zone 2017

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  • Transcenic
  • Shoulders
  • DJ Subminimal
  • Amani
  • DJ M!k!
  • Siliconbeat
  • Legacy
  • Luna
  • D-Sens
  • Humanzee
  • Superconductor
  • Bushman
  • DeepSouthAudio
  • Zen Mechanics
  • Loose Connexionz
  • Shankara
  • Josh Tasman
  • Sub.conscious
  • Nanosphere
  • Mr Squatch
  • Herman Saiz

Luminate: to shine light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face; earth friendly festival of music, art, culture, intentional community, sustainability, celebration and inspiration; celebrating the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust. Registered Charity CC43938