Circus Space

Luminate Festival 2017

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Applications for theCircus Space at Luminate 2017 are now closed.


Over the past 8 years we have been very blessed to welcome friends old and new to the Luminate Circus Space Crew. Many workshop leaders and performers have achieved international acclaim and still return year after year to the Luminate family, to share their immeasurable talents and experience and to continue to spread their love of circus throughout Aotearoa and the world.

As part of the Circus Space crew there are many opportunities to perform, both with fire (high quality fire spinning fuel is provided) and LED glow toys; in ceremonies, shows, roving night and day, on the live stage with your favourite music producers, around the tribal fire, in the midst of E-Zone and the Tuesday night circus showcase, Luminescence.

There’s an amazing range of different music to spin and dance to throughout the festival. The involvement of Community Artworks ensures fabulous costumes, props and masks to use, which will enhance and develop your performance skills.

Performers also share their knowledge with others through workshops; in the inspiring landscape and the Luminate Festival family, ideas, styles and concepts are nurtured and developed.

The skill and knowledge we gain from each other within Circus Space, and the festival as a whole, as well as those we learn from complete novices as we teach them, makes this festival very special.

Life is a circus - Come join the show!

Luminate: to shine light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face; earth friendly festival of music, art, culture, intentional community, sustainability, celebration and inspiration; celebrating the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust. Registered Charity CC43938