24 Jan

Eco Update – The Market

Luminate have developed a more sustainable vision for our food utensil usage on site. (Plates, Cups, Knife, Fork, Spoons)

Let’s start with, if you have your own utensil bring it and use it !!!! That’s the best way !

If you get caught out not having any or just want to help this vision grow. You’ll be kindly asked to visit the Wash depot leave a $3 deposit for the cup plate etc.

Then feel free to mingle and mosey around the beautiful smells and tastes that our market has to offer purchasing your food from any vendor with a smile and your hired equipment.

You will be using Luminate equipment; kindly YOU WILL rinse your utensils

On returning it to our new and improved drop off station. then we will now sterilize and store them, helping to maintain a pleasant, efficient service.

As you have used our system and we have taken ownership of the cost for the sterilization we will in return charge you 50cents. You have helped towards the ongoing running cost that this system creates.

Our Market Wash Station will operate between 8am & Midnight

Keeping in mind that even the most eco friendly disposable plate creates more rubbish than washing and reusing your own, you can see why we constantly overhaul, review, and update the ways our sustainable site operations interact with both food buyer and food seller.

Photos 2013

Photos 2013 by Thalita Walterfang
Photos 2013 by Lisa and Andre Ismael
Photos 2013 by Charlie Fox
Photos 2013 by Emma Tree Photography
Photos 2013 by Lana Simpson
Photos 2013 by Michael Zeff
Photos 2013 by David Rocha

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