24 Jan

Traders Market Update

This year we have had an overwhelming response by traders and the market zone is going to be totally pumping with lots of vibrant and varied goods to browse, check out, try and BUY!
For your eating treats and drinking needs the food stalls will indulge cuisine for all regions of the world.
The following traders and their wares will be selling at his years Luminate festival...

Luminate Food  
Fundraising for Luminate Festival Trust:

Kai Organic – Ayurvedic Food. Healthy, yummy, vegetarian and totally organic cooked by Laminate’s own chefs, providing participants nourishment during the festival.

Luminate Pizza Oven providing top notch baking of fresh organic homemade Pizza & Bread daily.  Bread will be for sale for you every morning!!!!!

Juice Up – Organic Juices & Smoothies by the live stage

All The Luminate Trust Food Traders use 100% Organic Produce as its part of our efforts to stay as sustainable as possible.

Food Traders

Ollie – Fair Trade Organic Coffee roasted on a pirate ship. Hot choc, tea, and herb tea
Four Winds – Coffee & Sweet Treats
Michelle – Baked Potatoes with a variety of toppings.
Chez Alexis – European Crepes, Sweet & Savory direct from a Frenchman.
Harry Krishna – Traditional Krishna food from the heart
Ed Juice Bar – Fresh Juice, Smoothies & Burrito
Barron Hasselhoff  - Gluten Free Sweets, Ginger slice, brownie, vegan cookies

Goods Traders

Anna-Rose Rombouts – Nepalese clothing made from hemp/organic materials, prayer flags, singing bowls

Lyndsey & Jean - Handmade Leather goods, handmade silver  
jewellery, other assorted clothing and jewellery..

Abscondus Creations – Artwork, hand painted cards, fake fur hats with ears!

Rethreads - Recycled, Reused wearable works of art!

Nadia Ward - Natural skin products including moistures, anti-flame, lip balms

Ross Doyle - Scythes...

Eloise Clayton - Ali Baba pants...

Wildflower - Clothing from India/Thailand...

Jeff Murray - Original artwork in pen/ink

Ricardo Tranamil - Jewellery from natural/recycled materials, hair braiding...

Phil Berry – Jewellery, Hand painted mugs/tumblers, hand made, trousers from Thailand

AMIKA - Clothing, sunhats, jewellery, funky waist belts

Stephen Tate - Natural herbal products including 'uplifta', hemp seed confectionary, and water filter bottles...

Stephanie Parashar - Tarot Readings, massage, clothing and jewellery from India

Photos 2013

Photos 2013 by Thalita Walterfang
Photos 2013 by Lisa and Andre Ismael
Photos 2013 by Charlie Fox
Photos 2013 by Emma Tree Photography
Photos 2013 by Lana Simpson
Photos 2013 by Michael Zeff
Photos 2013 by David Rocha

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