Beginners to intermediate drumming by Ras Judah

A-nophotoRas Judah: I originally come from Botswana, Southern Afrika. I have been involved with drumming since I was a young child in the 70s and I also got into Rastafarian heart beat drumming and chanting since my teen years.

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Chant and Be Happy! by Caitlin

chant-and-be-happyCaitlin will be chanting Sanskrit Mantras each night. They bring a blissful sense of peace, which is especially beneficial at these challenging times. Open your voice and let out the shining you, in this joyous celebration of Music and Spirit. Sharing simple voice skills & techniques, Caitlin will inspire us all to sing.

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Didjeridoo by Si from Wild Marmalade

trbal--didj--siSi has a unique method of playing didgeridoo. Using specific breathing patterns he demonstrates how to use the instrument as a tool for changing consciousness and entering a trance space.

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Didjeridoo Sound Journey by Sika

sikaRelax to the Ancient Sounds of The Earth Dreaming. International musician, Sika, will take us on a magical journey playing Didjeridoos, Drum and Flutes. This will be a Sacred Circle, a Healing Trance. Visit the Inner World & find your Sources of Power.

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Kirtan for all levels - Sanskrit chanting for greater peace and awareness by Dr. Sam

A-nophotoThis Kirtan (also known as Satsang or Bhajans) is a simple, powerful, and interactive style of Sanskrit chanting designed to attain higher levels of consciousness, peace, and joy. This Kirtan is open to all levels of singers, from beginners to advanced.

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Maori Vocal by Pacific Curl

pacific-curlMaori songs have a distinctive sound. Workshop participants will learn a number of songs in the Maori and Samoan language - a great workshop for lovers of pacific music, schools and choirs interested in expanding their repertoires.

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Obscure Axes and Tangents - Instrumentation and Composition Workshop by The Barons of Tang

the-barons-of-tangIn this workshop The Barons of Tang discuss the history of their instruments including the Bass Clarinet and other obscure axes. This session will be an instrumental 'what not to do, and why we love doing it" discussion panel.

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Samba de Sol Percussion Workshop

samba-del-sol-2Come and learn Brazilian and Indian rhythms (Samba reggae and sambhangra) with the support of Samba de sol members. No experience necessary, just come and enjoy the positive energy samba brings. You will also be taught basic techniques of each instrument

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The Science of Indian Music by Prosad

A-nophotoThis workshop will give an overview and introduction into the science of Indian music and how it affects consciousness.   You will learn about the history of the Indian Raga system of music, how it evolved and how it can be used as a tool for meditation.

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West African drumming by Albert Salvador

albert• Intro - Brief history of the drumming tradition of West Africa

• Position and Stance

• Strokes- technique on Bass, Tone and Slap (the 3 basic sounds of the djembe drum)

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World Voice by TUi MAMAKi

tui-mamakiTUi MAMAKi draws from a unique pool of vocal traditions, including Chant Basque (South France), Khyal Vocal (India), Extended Voice (Roy Hart Theatre) and Jazz/Gospel, to take participants on an adventure through breath, sounding, harmony and rhythm.

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2012 Workshops - KISS

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Biodanza – The Dance of Life! by Diane Sparks

Category: Move

Biodanza – The Dance of Life! by Diane Sparks

This is a powerful yet gentle and fun, South American therapeutic movement system. An individually design...

Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

Category: Holistic

Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

This workshop will include yogic movements, breathing exercises, meditation and a laughing yoga session.....

Yoga Nidra- Deep Relaxation Practice by Anahata

Category: Holistic

Yoga Nidra- Deep Relaxation Practice by Anahata

Enjoy a guided meditation while lying down which brings deep relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration of ...

Receiving Bliss – Introducing Tantra by Viryam Robertson …

Category: Holistic

Receiving  Bliss – Introducing Tantra by Viryam Robertson & Elayne Lane

Receiving Bliss… Introducing Tantra!
 Briefly introducing modern western Tantra as a practical enhancemen...

Moving into the Stillness - Yoga by Julie Stephens

Category: Move

Moving into the Stillness - Yoga by Julie Stephens

The style of yoga Julie will be teaching is Vinyasa Flow which can be as dynamic as you want it to be or ...

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