Harakeke weaving by Enger Pelosi Fear

A-nophotoCome and learn the ancient art of Harakeke (flax) weaving. You will learn how to make a puti puti (flax flower) and kono (small basket) or a kete (larger basket). Also in these sessions you can learn some of the ancient traditions, protocol and spirituality surrounding this treasured practice.

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Harakeke weaving by Lee, Kim & Jocelynne

Harakeke weaving- Te Awhi RitoThree local weavers passionate about furthering raranga (weaving knowledge) in our community, use the natural fibres and resources around us in Golden Bay in a sustainable and creative manner, weaving new ideas and old skills to create everyday items and unusual artworks.

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Magical and bright ART Mandala workshop by Myriam

A-nophotoLets come together and co create a magical Madala banner using bright colours, dots and lines. Its good to let it out ! We will use paint to express ourselves in a spontaneous manner guided by simple and fun games and body centeredc awareness in order to create beauty on cancas.

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Making a dream web - Dream catchers by Jessica Groen

A-nophotoThis workshop will include a brief explanation of dream catchers history, and we will exploring their use and meaning. What are they about? How do they work? How do our thoughts during the creation process impact the dream catchers final and primary function?

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Maori & Celtic music workshop by Ariana and Laura from Emeralds and Greenstone

A-nophotoDo you know your puirt-a-beul from your porotiti? Do you know an oriori from an O'Reilly? Come and hear all about Maori waiata and Celtic singing. It will include a demonstration of taonga puoro. You will also learn some chants in Maori and Gaelic.

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Shamanic Poetic Creation by Redwood Reider

culture--shamanic-poetic--redwood-reiderWe will take a shamanic journey to the realms of Spirit to bring back inspiration for the seeds of poems. We will learn and practice spontaneous writing techniques to tap the river of creativity that flows through us all and channel it into words. Bring pen and notebook if you have them.

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Teachings of Waitaha by Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman

makereTena koutou. During the mid 1980's there was a conscious decision by many indigenous nations around the world to share some of their wisdom and teachings for the betterment of our beloved Papatuanuku and all who live on and within her.

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2012 Workshops - KISS

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The Vedic conception by Purna Brahma das and Tamal Krsna das

Category: Holistic

The Vedic conception by Purna Brahma das and Tamal Krsna das

From time immemorial our greatest yet least realized goal is to understand our own nature. Although exper...

Psycho-spiritual Healing Using Traditional Shamanic Plant Te…

Category: Holistic

Psycho-spiritual Healing Using Traditional Shamanic Plant Teachers by Helen Mayhew

I will explore the theory of using the shamanic planes of inner consciousness to provide a non-material s...

Morning Integral Yoga by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Category: Move

Morning Integral Yoga by Anahata Yoga Retreat

General Yoga Class for all levels. Explore yoga postures and breathing practices to start your day w...

Didjeridoo Sound Journey by Sika

Category: Soundz

Didjeridoo Sound Journey by Sika

Relax to the Ancient Sounds of The Earth Dreaming. International musician, Sika, will take us on a m...

Integration into the Galactic - Wide Community by Grayham Fo…

Category: Think

Integration into the Galactic - Wide Community by Grayham Forscutt

This sharing will ignite many integrative triggers (you'll still need to develop upon these) and expose m...

Live Stage 2012

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  • Wild Marmalade
  • OKA
  • Ganga Giri
  • Ott
  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
  • Janover
  • Prosad
  • Matiu Te Huki



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