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Luminate's vision is about sharing knowledge, inviting inspiration, expressing creativity, invoking healing, discovering contemporary and traditional arts and culture, in a space of celebration and connection; all of which strengthens community networks and empowers people with new skills to improve their quality of life. This is where K.I.S.S. (Knowledge and Information Sharing Sessions) comes in – the full schedule of workshops and activities spanning several zones and covering a plethora of topics.

This year these include: permaculture and growing food, alternative energy, yoga, Maori and Celtic song, Irish dancing, the waitaha, Maori myths and legends, reflexology, traditional diets, creative arts, music production, sacred geometry, samba, biodanza, nia, tantra, NVC, guitar, Mayan calendar and more. Jamie Janover returns to host several presentations on the work of Nassim Haramein and space-time. At night you will also find a range of enlightening movies and documentaries.

These are mostly all located at Te Ra and Marama, with Tribal hosting didgjeridoo, indigenous dance, percussion, voice and guitar and more. In the forest behind the Tribal Zone, local weavers will teach us the ancient art of Harakeke and it's traditions.

The Juggle-Poi-Toy zone holds sessions on a range of circus skills and also hosts fire and other roving performances.

There are heaps of other activities specifically for the kids too including games, storytelling and crafts.

The Healing Hub offers a wide range of alternative therapies including massage and reiki, as well as a daily schedule of holistic health related workshops.

These KISS are chosen specifically because what the presenters have studied, and what they have to offer, are in allignment with the philosophy promoted by Luminate. They are facilitating a space in which we can come together to learn new principles, be entertained, enlightened or healed in some new way, so that we might venture back into the world with skills to change how we are thinking and how we are living; to set forth in a direction of self-sustainability and self-reliance.

Luminate itself is a living workshop. You'll see examples of low-tech building with natural materials and re-using resources. What happens when sewerage systems fail? How do we cook or have showers with no power? You could learn how to look after the basics of your own survival.

Maybe you want to hone your communication skills, or learn to free up your body in dance or yoga. Maybe you require a big shot of consciousness-raising by discovering what the Mayan calendar or unified field theory are all about. Maybe you just want to listen to the legends of this fine land, Aotearoa, or be entertained by puppets. Maybe you really need to find out how to grow your vegies organically, or drift off to the aural journeying of didgeridoo. Whatever workshop you choose, you will hopefully leave with something more than you came in with, something you can pass on to others or incorporate into your life.

So make the most of it – check out the timetables, read up on the descriptions, find out about the presenters – and go with what resonates, what interests most.

It might be the best thing you ever learned!

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2012 Workshops - KISS

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Chakras - Connecting to your inner Crystals by Ashley Szlach…

Category: Holistic

Chakras - Connecting to your inner Crystals by Ashley Szlachta

The word chakra means "wheel", and are thought of as spinning energy centres within the body. Crystals ar...

Epigenetics, Chronic Disease & Wellness by Dr. Sam Shay

Category: Health

Epigenetics, Chronic Disease & Wellness by Dr. Sam Shay

Your genes do not control your health, your epigenetic choices do. Learn how physical, chemical & emo...

Free energy solutions by Paul Larkin

Category: Eco

Free energy solutions by Paul Larkin

What is free energy- Practical use of free energy technologies for creating home power systemsGreeni...

Rebirthing breathwork: Self healing through conscious connec…

Category: Holistic

Rebirthing breathwork: Self healing through conscious connected breath by Emma Skellern

Rebirthing breathwork is a simple, gentle yet powerful breathing technique where you consciously connec...

West African drumming by Albert Salvador

Category: Soundz

West African drumming by Albert Salvador

• Intro - Brief history of the drumming tradition of West Africa • Position and Stance • Strokes- techn...

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  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
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