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Luminate's Live Stage offers an authentic, world class line-up of talented musicians, spanning many contemporary and traditional genres including World Grooves, Gypsy, Celtic, Eastern European, Maori, Polynesian, Folk, Roots, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Tribal Rhythms, and Fusion: artists who merge live music with digital/computer technology to forge new and exciting, integrated pathways of musical creativity and performance. Luminate's Live Stage is also home to the finest producers of cutting edge electronic music, who create complex, exquisite, multi-layered soundscapes using an array of computers, synthesisers, samplers, fx units and other mind-boggling devices to keep you dancing and smiling - expect an eclectic, flowing journey through Dub, Breaks, Psytrance, Minimal Tech, Dubstep, Glitch, Progressive, House, Ambient, Esoteric beats and more...

Whether you love greeting the mornings with atmospheric beats and laid back songs, or rockin it out in the day-time to a range of live music, or lounging in the sun soaking up the vibes, or whether your favourite things is joining the crowds in the evening for a big night out dancing to awesome bands, or electronic producers through the wee small hours till sunrise, let the live stage music entrance you. And keep an open mind, check out some artists you've never heard of or don;t usually listen to - you may be pleasantly surprised.

Note: we do not accept applications from 'cover bands'. All your material must be original and your own, or you must have permission to perform it.



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The E-Zone line-up at Luminate 2012 is packed full of amazing international and local talent, pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic genres, and providing a world class experience of diverse, cutting edge dance music. it's the only dedicated zone for 100% electronic music at Luminate. There for you to get down and jiggy all day in the sun or all through the night! Artists are selected and collated by Christchurch and Tasman districts own DJs Josh Tasman and Subminimal, who aim to sample the broad spectrum of music that exists out there in todays underground electronic music scene.

Ranging through the styles of House, Techno, Electro, Breaks, Progressive & Psychedellic Trance, Dub, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Ambient & Downbeat, World Grooves and the odd special performance act, it will make for the ideal snap shot of current music trends. Tucked in the surroundings of the beuatiful Cannon Downs beech tree forest and housed in Beautiful Decor represtenting the sacred geometry of Luminates Rhombic Triacontahedron, come immerse yourself in what the Luminate Electronic Zone has to offer

Live: The Barons of Tang (aus), Wild Marmalade (aus), OKA (aus), Ganga Giri (Aus), Janover (usa), Taos, Newtown Rocksteady, The Nomad, Pacific Curls, Nigel Gavin & Richard Adhams, Amiria Grenell, Matiu te Huki, Caitlin & Sika, Samba del Sol, OTT (Twisted), Emok (Iboga), Electrypnose (digital psionics), James Munro (Flying Rhino, uk), Loud (Nano), Phony Orphants (Iboga), Eitan Reiter (Aleph Zero, Iboga), Merkaba (Zenon), Hedflux (broken robot), Grouch (zenon/ccr), Isaac Chambers, Tom Cosm, Kalya Scintilla, Tripnstumble, and lots more.

5 zones of music: live stage, electronic zone, tribal, chill lounge, acoustic buskers stage. A diverse range of live music including World Grooves, Gypsy, Celtic, Roots, Reggae, Folk, Soul, Funk & Tribal drumming, plus Dub, Breaks, Psytrance, Minimal Tech, House, Progressive, Glitch, Dubstep, Ambient, Esoteric beats and more...

We're absolutely stoked to be bringing this exceptional musical talent together for Luminate 2012, and very much appreciate the kind support of all the performers.

Many more will be announced soon! Check out the Live Stage for more details on the artists.

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Radio Interview

Radio NZ feature at Luminate 2012

Live Stage 2012

  • The Barons of Tang
  • Wild Marmalade
  • OKA
  • Ganga Giri
  • Ott
  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
  • Janover
  • Prosad
  • Matiu Te Huki



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