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The Luminate market zone is one of the central happening areas of the festival, which is expanding and getting better every year! The market is a spacious welcoming area with lots of yummy healthy foods, goods and a busker’s stage!

Food Court:

We encourage food traders to be as organic as possible. We are giving priority to vendors that are organic and vegetarian. Eggs must be free range and dairy product’s organic . As an incentive for traders to go organic, this year we have reduced the fee for those providing fully organic (90-100%) ingredients.

The Luminate festival supports a zero waste environment, meaning there are no rubbish bins on site, traders will not be serving anything on any kind of plastic, disposable plates/cups etc, and punters have to bring their own plates, cups and cutlery etc...

Near the market area, there will be a public dish washing area for you to wash your dishes!

Non - Edible Goodies:

At previous festival’s there has been a wonderful array of jewellery, fire/juggling toys, gem stones, paintings, natural skin products, pottery, new and revamped clothing, and goodies from other countries on offer, and its markets like these that its possible to find that really cool special something you would never see anywhere else...

H.A.N.D.S (how about a non dollar system) is our local golden bay currency trading system.

We are hoping there will be some traders accepting part H.A.N.D.S as payment for food and goods. you can only pay with this currency if you are a member of H.A.N.D.S and we are hoping to have an information stand in the market place where you can register as a member, and buy H.A.N.D.S to purchase goodies with!

For those interested in having a trade space at the 2012 LUMINATE festival please email.

Food traders: Email Selena at
Goods traders: Email Sarah at

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Kidz Workshops

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Live Stage 2012

  • The Barons of Tang
  • Wild Marmalade
  • OKA
  • Ganga Giri
  • Ott
  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
  • Janover
  • Prosad
  • Matiu Te Huki



Cosmic Corner



Fling Juggling

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