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The healing zone at Luminate 2012 is called “Healing Hub – Hauora”. Please see the festival map for its exact location. In honour of the cultural heritage of New Zealand – Aotearoa, the Healing Hub and its various structures, were given both English and Maori names. “Hauora” represents the traditional Maori philosophy to health unique to New Zealand – Aotearoa. It includes: “Taha Tinana” (physical wellbeing), “Taha Hinengaro” (mental and emotional wellbeing), “Taha Whanau” (social wellbeing) and “Taha Wairua” (spiritual wellbeing).

The “Healing Hub – Hauora”, offers a wide range of alternative health therapies including massage and Reiki, as well as a daily schedule of holistic, health-related and consciousness-expanding workshops. Its purpose is to provide an empowering, inspiring, uplifting, comfortable and deeply nurturing healing space, thereby caring for the physical, mental/emotional and soul/spiritual wellbeing of festival visitors and crew. If you have any questions, require healing or simply wish to find out more, please visit us at the Healing Hub Info Tent during the festival or send an email to the address given below.

What is healing and how can it help me?

Human nature is three-fold, consisting of: body, mind/emotions and soul/spirit. These three aspects of our nature never act separately. Illness, dis-ease or exhaustion is caused by physical, genetic/hereditary, environmental, emotional, mental or spiritual factors which create imbalance. For an individual to be completely whole and healthy, would require all three aspects to be in perfect balance and harmony. Understanding this truth, alternative health practitioners therefore aim to correct imbalance between these aspects by applying their wisdom, knowledge and skills to one, two or all three aspects simultaneously, utilising their various healing modalities.

In simple terms, spiritual/soul healing or what is sometimes referred to as ‘energy healing’, is an organic process. The healer acts as an anchor, receptor and facilitator for naturally occurring energies, which are present in the consciousness field within, around and above our beautiful Mother Earth, as well as in the so-called ‘empty’ space between all of us. Energy thus flows wherever healing is needed most, thereby returning to balance and harmony the individual, group or place in question. A good analogy is electricity, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can still be harnessed, using the correct procedures, skills and equipment.

Who are the practitioners and how can I participate?

Practitioners range from therapists and healers to readers and channelers and we warmly invite all experienced practitioners among festival visitors, who may wish to share their gifts with the wider festival community, to connect with either of the “Healing Hub – Hauora” co-ordinators (Kyere or Bomun), via one of the volunteers at the Healing Hub Info Tent, once you have settled in, to discuss your proposal.

Interested parties are fully vetted prior to approval to ensure the wellbeing of festival visitors and a high quality level of services being offered at all times. If you wish to book a practice space for the duration of Luminate 2012, please email Kyere on: luminatehealing@gmail.com If you prefer to offer your services without your own stall, please send an email to Kyere, enquiring about the “Place of Love – Aroha”, our shared healing and informal teaching space within the “Healing Hub – Hauora”, or connect with us at the festival instead.

By joining us as part of the “Healing Hub – Hauora” community and by offering your own unique brand of alternative therapies, healing or readings to Luminate 2012, you will actively participate in the co-creation of this powerful, nurturing space for the benefit of all who seek a return to joy and wholeness. We look forward to welcoming you!

In Love and Light, your dedicated “Healing Hub – Hauora” Team

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Healing Workshops

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Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

Category: Holistic

Nurturing Positivity by Anahata

This workshop will include yogic movements, breathing exercises, meditation and a laughing yoga session.....

Fire Ceremony (Havan) 1hr by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Category: Holistic

Fire Ceremony (Havan) 1hr by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Participate in Havan – an ancient Vedic fire ceremony utilizing the elements, offerings and sacred mantra...

Heart Opening Journey by Baruch & Fernmoss

Category: Holistic

Heart Opening Journey by Baruch & Fernmoss

Discover the profound, transformative power of presence and love. This workshop will take you on an exper...

Explore Your Self by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Category: Holistic

Explore Your Self by Anahata Yoga Retreat

Bring yoga off the mat and into your daily life! Explore tools to help you enter the joy and clarity of t...

9 Common Causes of Chronic Diseases and What To Do About The…

Category: Health

9 Common Causes of Chronic Diseases and What To Do About Them by Dr. Sam Shay

Learn the 9 common converging causes of chronic diseases that are rarely ever discussed or treated in tan...

Live Stage 2012

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  • Wild Marmalade
  • OKA
  • Ganga Giri
  • Ott
  • Emok
  • Phony Orphants
  • James Monro
  • America Grenell and Band
  • Emeralds and Greenstone
  • Janover
  • Prosad
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